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So far we have successfully executed:

  • 67 wells for heat pump equipment
  • 43 water wells with diameters between 200 and 280 mm and depths between 35 m and 180 m

About us

The company Rautitan Ltd. was founded as a result of a European funding project (AXA 312) and offers services of water drilling,drilling for heat pump,micropiles for private people and companies.The company RAUTITAN Ltd.is directly related to the company STOCON Ltd. by having common shareholding and the fact that both companies have a common technological base.

Project funding was a complete success,having a functional company that owns high performance equipment, taking orders for drilling water,even from the first day of receiving equipment.

About water drilling

First, it requires an explanation of terms. For water extraction are two possibilities: fountain and water well drilling.

Fountain is the traditional way of extracting water from the ground. The fountains are built by well sinker and not by the drilling companies.

A fountain is for shallow water and usually uses meteoric water.Because of the intensive pollution in decades,fountains usually are not an optimal solution,because the water can be easily infected.

Drilled shaft

When ground water is deeper than 20 m is the only option. A drilled well is typical diameter between 150 mm and 300 mm. Unlike a fountain where water is extracted by any method available,to extract water from drilled water wells submersible pumps must be used.
If the solution is drilled water well,these are the main important things to know:
  • A drilled well is not just a hole in the ground,for achievement are some technological operations performed.The company hired to this work must provide:practical pit water sheet and the well flow test,
  • The submersible pump is not included in the price.We can provide and install,
  • The most important thing: not all wells have water.Another company can perform a electric logging,for diagnosis the shaft before inserting tubes.Sometimes there is no water in the ground or flow is low.

There are two important elements that determine drilling depth of water:

1. Water flow that we want to get.To increase the water flow must be captured more aquifer layers,

2. Aquifer layer depth.Sometimes the layer from which we can extract water is located at great depths and the water from surface layers,is infested with nitrates, nitrites, biological material.

Excavation diameter borehole water is given mainly by the flow of water required and the characteristics of rocks that crosses.

Final column is chosen by excavation diameter and minimum diameter of the water wells so an submersible pump can be inserted or sip of a water pump.

Usually for the domestic water wells,a pump is used with an external diameter of 4″, about 100 mm,that can be installed in a column of 125-140-160 mm.

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Mobile: 0040744310873

E-mail: office@forajerautitan.ro, marusalecu@gmail.com